God is working to redeem our broken and lost world. The Bible calls this good news the Gospel. As a response to the Gospel, Grace Church is centered around three core commitments.


Jesus is the heart of God’s good news for each of us. In Jesus, God has come to us and, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we may come to Him. Jesus is the way to God, our highest priority, and our central message. Jesus is the Gospel.


The Gospel calls and enables us to experience authentic relationships. As people created in God’s image, we were made for this. We grow best spiritually and serve most effectively when we do it together. Community embodies the Gospel.


God invites us to join Him in his great redemptive mission. In Christ, God is reconciling the world to Himself.  In our words, we proclaim the Gospel.  In our acts of kindness and deeds of justice we live out the Gospel.  Mission shares the Gospel.


The Bible

The Bible is God's Word; we can trust it completely.


God created all things; the one eternal God in three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit.  He made us a deserves our worship.


Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross as the payment for our sins, and rose again from the dead.  There is no one like Him.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our need for a savior and helps us understand that Jesus is the Savior we need. He is God’s presence in our life today. The Holy Spirit lives in those who trust in Christ and empowers them to live for God.


All people are created in God’s image to live in relationship with God. Because of sin, people are estranged from God in this life and destined for judgment in the next. People are wonderfully created and tragically fallen.

Grace and Salvation

Because of God’s matchless grace, salvation is available to all who truly repent of their sins and place their faith in Christ’s death on their behalf. Jesus’ death and resurrection makes it possible for us to be made right with God now. Jesus is the only way to God. Good works don’t earn salvation; salvation expresses itself in good works.

The Church

The Church is the global community of believers in Jesus Christ and exists to glorify God, strengthen believers, and carry out Christ’s mission in the world. The church doesn’t exist for itself.


A day is coming when Jesus will return to this earth. In that day, God will fully restore and renew what sin has ruined and destroyed. Believers will receive the fullness of the inheritance God has for them; others will receive God’s judgment. It will be a great day for those who are ready. We want you to be ready.

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