At Grace we recognize that everyone is at a different point along the journey of following Jesus.  But whatever step you're at, Jesus is calling you to the next.  Here are a few things that the Bible communicates are important for every disciple to incorporate into their journey.  What will be your next step?

  • join a group

    Plugging into a Community Group at Grace is a vital part of growing as a Jesus Follower. Our groups meet together weekly or biweekly in homes as a place to connect in community, to find friendships, support, encouragement, and accountability; and to study God’s principles on the issues of life. 

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  • Serve at Grace

    The Church is a body in which all the parts are important and serving within and without deepens our spiritual health.  Because of this, all our ministries offer opportunities for you to serve.  We've got everything from set up/tear down to loving on students!

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  • GEt Out On Mission

    We were created to make a difference: in classrooms and clinics, in urban centers and suburban neighborhoods, in our city streets and the far reaches of the globe. Everywhere we go, we have been freed to set others free.

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